INGRESS 시리즈 X 키트 07 - 올리버 린턴-울프

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Ingress 세계 10주년을 축하하세요!

Ingress 10주년을 기념하는 희귀한 한정판 Ingress X 키트 7개 시리즈 중 일곱 번째 키트인 Oliver Lynton-Wolfe를 소개합니다.

The Ingress Series X Kit 07 - Oliver Lynton-Wolfe includes the following: - Common Bio Card with new, in-game medals (with the chance to get a serial numbered, rare or very rare additional Bio Card) - Enamel Pin - Embroidered Patch - Sticker - VR Loadout Card - 3 Mystery Character Cards - Foiled Envelope

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